Non-Projectile Food…Kind of

November 15, 2008

My sister has a little problem. She is a food sprayer. It is true, when the right forces align i.e. light and airy food, laughter, and an open mouth; my sister sends food flying across the room at any surface or person dumb enough to be in her way. She is not discriminatory either; whether it is corn bread, chocolate milk, birthday cake, salad or almost anything else, it has the potential to become airborne.

Many have fallen victim to Cindy’s perishable missiles. One of my best friends almost lost his eye when she took aim with chocolate chip cookie crumbs. And in high school, I lost a friend to embarrassment when she showed this trick off in public. We have tried to find a support group for this disease with no luck. The best thing we can do to help curb this behavior and support her recovery is make food that does not fly.

That was the plan tonight. The menu consisted of tacos with all the fixings complete with puffy taco shells. Heavy food enclosed in fried tortilla goodness and one of Cindy’s favorite meals, we were good to go. Then, Alex started talking about the Justin Timberlake skit- Blank in a Box (more on that soon) and that is when it happened. He was singing the song and Cindy lost it. Taco meat, tomatoes, cheese; it all went flying to different parts of the living room. Clearly, I underestimated the staying power of tacos. It is just another thing to cross of the list.tacos-092

Tonight’s recipe is more of a technique. Taco making is pretty easy but the shells have the potential to bring it home

Puffy (Fried) Taco Shells

Flour Tortilla Shells– You can also do this with corn but you need to lay it over something to get the U shape; I use burrito size but again you can use whatever you want.

Vegetable Oil (Or other Flavorless oil) enough to go up 2 inches in the frying pan

Block Cheese– Cut into 3″ by 1″ inch slices- to go in the middle. This is optional

1. Pour the oil into the frying pan so it goes about 2 inches up the side. I usually put the burner on Medium/High and let it heat for 5 minutes. A small piece of the tortilla should dance when placed in the oil when it is readytacos-077

2. Put the tortilla into the oil. Let sit for 15 seconds or until brown and flip over.

3. If you are using the cheese, lay the cheese on the browned tortilla side (not submerged in the oil).

4. Fold the tortilla over onto itself to form a half moon shape.

5. Make sure the tortilla is brown on both sides. If not flip over, until browned.

6. Remove from the oil and place on a layer of paper towels.tacos-078

7. Repeat steps 1-5 with the other tortilla. When moving to the landing pad after you are done, cover the other tortilla with a layer of paper towels and lay the new tortilla on top. You are making a tortilla high rise.

8. Fill with taco meat and all the fixings. Enjoytacos-080a