I call myself the Cynical Chef because I am forever doubting my culinary abilities. I am sure you can sympathize with the feeling.  I have no logical reason to doubt my culinary prowess but no matter how many compliments I receive or how quickly the items leave the plate, I am always waiting for that culinary shoe to drop. Waiting for the phone call where someone is complaining that you gave them food poisoning or the dinner party with no guests because everyone had to wash their hair. Fortunately, I have not experienced any of these things and “knock on wood” do not think I ever will; but when you combine my ability to burn my fingers on just about anything with my neurotic sense of worry, the result is a cynical chef.

.It is positively draining, pouring myself into this hobby wrought with so much potential for disappointment but I love it.  And I will continue too even with all the imminent possibilities of failure. So I invite you to enjoy reading my journey while I venture into the great culinary abyss as I look for my black hole.  Thankfully it hasn’t come yet but when it does I promise to blog about it….

You can contact me at thecynicalchef@yahoo.com.


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